Three Reasons to Make an Anniversary Book

26 January 2015
Three Reasons to Make an Anniversary Book

Celebrating a 10, 25, 50 or even 100 year anniversary in 2015? Turn your company history into a business opportunity! Three reasons why a jubilee year is an excellent moment for a real party.

1. Relationship with your customer

The older the company, the higher the confidence that a company receives. If a company already has 10, 25 or 50 years under its belt, that mere fact underlines the reliability and competence of a company. Where would you rather buy a car? With the gentleman that you do not know well and sells some cars since six months? Or rather with the specialist that sells cars for over 60 years ? Some of it of course depends on the budget, but intuitively you know it. A company anniversary is a perfect time to unleash the power of such a long (er) past.

2. Employee

Employees like to work for companies that are successful. A tightly organized jubilee year simply bubbles with energy. At the end of the year, employees are proud that they belong to that 100-year-old company! An anniversary party is an amazing highlight of that year, an anniversary book or film makes sure it lingers on somewhat longer. Is that good for commerce? I guess a smiling employee is more productive than a sad one...

3. Marketing

An anniversary obviously is a great opportunity for business. Special anniversary events for relationships, the presentation of the anniversary book by a famous person, a great party for your best customers, or an incentive for your sales people to give a special anniversary discount: you name it, it's your company's anniversary!


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