Our future

To look into the past is to look into the future. In the past, everything was different, and it is inevitable that everything that now exists, will also change. Looking into the past is looking at a future that will become history. This is a fundamentally different vision than the one that considers history a closed book. For the people who lived and worked in that time, that past was their present, and their future.

The Spirit of the Moment

It is specifically this realization that makes PastFuture different from other companies: we see the past as the present and future of that time. We want to capture the spirit of that moment – the feeling of youthful enthusiasm, of enterprise, of meeting new and unpredictable challenges. We take clients back to the formation of their company, the excitement of an important decision, the experience of facing an uncertain outcome.

The value of company history

Companies and organizations always have a relationship with their own past: perhaps a good one, perhaps a bad one, or ‘just’ an indifferent one. In whatever way the past is viewed, it is always there, an unseen presence in the company. The question is: what does the past reveal about the company?  How can information about the company’s past be utilized for branding, identity, and the company story, now and in the future?

Beyond the past

PastFuture would like to help change the way in which companies and organizations – and eventually, people in society as a whole – deal with their own past. The past is not something that is over and forgotten. It is something that is always present, something that can be a continuously growing source of inspiration for the present and the future.

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