Stibbe Law Firm | 100 years

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Corporate History 

“100 Years of Stibbe – It’s Different Now” is a magnificent corporate history with a luxurious look and feel. It thoroughly does justice to the strength and flair of this law firm, located in the modern, prestigious ‘Zuid-As’ (the southern business axis, which is the A-location in Amsterdam for offices of national and international companies).

Pieter: ‘The Stibbe project was a further intensification of the cooperation with Inne. In terms of content, it was also exactly my sort of project. I had just completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Law, and with Stibbe, I was given the unique opportunity to describe the 25 most interesting cases in the history of their firm. The idea was to present these cases in such a way that readers would experience them as exciting stories. The design created by Inne contributed greatly to achieving that goal.’ 

‘The third section of this book is, for me, the highlight of the project. In a series of nine duo-interviews between well-known Dutch personalities and legal partners of Stibbe, the ideals of the firm are clearly presented. And the interview with Johan Cruijff in his office in Barcelona was a really a fantastic experience.’  

‘The portrait photography by Ilya van Marle supplies the finishing touch for this jubileum book. In his portraits, a bond is being created between two people who, in most cases, are only meeting each other for the first time. Furthermore, the cooperation with the people at Stibbe during this project was fantastic. This ensured that the quality of the finished book was brought to the highest level possible.’

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