Our Way

PastFuture believes in finding creative ways to use stories from the past and present of companies or individuals, to realise a new, organic positioning of a company in the market, or even a totally new company. After all, with a strong foundation you can build onward and upward. New, different ideas can then fall into fertile ground.


The central focus of our approach is cooperation with our clients. They are, after all, the main source of information for company history and the corporate story, as well as for company branding and identity. What we do is to help find the essential elements of both content (conceptual elements) and form (visual elements). We focus on finding those elements which distinguish a company or organization from others in the field. These are the building blocks which we – together with the clients - use in realising the final product. And the product is always based on what the client wants: a corporate story, a brand, an identity, or a company history.


PastFuture is imbued with the importance of ‘content’, which is now also a popular SEO (search engine optimization) word. We already considered content extremely important, long before the Internet and marketing gurus found out that ‘content’ can be a distinguishing strength on a web containing billions of Internet pages. We believe that this is actually the wrong approach. Whatever a company or organization does, the content and the corporate story should be foremost, or at least should form the basis for messages that are sent out into the world. Why? Because people love real stories, about real people. That has nothing to do with SEO, but everything to do with thousands of years of evolution.


Through the close cooperation with the client, content will emerge that is, by definition, unique and authentic, because it originates from the company itself. With the products that we create together (websites, corporate stories, anniversary books, advertisements), we realise the promised results: a better reputation, more deeply motivated employees, and higher operating results.

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