Strategic communication

Can social housing take a beating?

The future of public housing financing: nothing less than that is at stake in March 2020. Housing corporations can borrow money cheaply on the financial market through the Social Housing Guarantee Fund. This allows them to build and renovate good and affordable homes for people with a narrow purse. But is the system robust enough if something is going on?

Standard & Poor's

Credit rating agencies such as Moody's and Standard & Poor's estimate that WSW would not be able to cough up the money when it was needed, for example if a housing corporation went bankrupt. That is why WSW launched a strategic program last year with important changes in the system. The consultation round is currently taking place. Hundreds of housing associations in the Netherlands are reflecting on the changes proposed by WSW's strategic program.

Strategic story

PastFuture was asked to write a strategic story that can be used in communicating about this program. Assignment: tell what is at stake in ordinary human language. The target group of the story are directors of the housing associations; people - in short - who have everything on their mind. Borrowing cheap money on the financial markets with which they can build, renovate or make houses more sustainable is just one of them.

Strategic film

The strategic story forms the basis of a film produced in collaboration with De Lichtjagers. The film aims to outline what the strategic program means for corporations. These are the words of Rob Rötscheid, chairman of the board of the Social Housing Guarantee Fund, Peter Boerenfijn, chairman of Habion and Carola Steenmeijer, risk consultant at WSW. PastFuture has also written the voice-overs for in-depth animations on topics such as securities (in the event of a bankruptcy of a corporation), the robustness of the guarantee system and the operation of the bond loan.

Making complex stories accessible

PastFuture and De Lichtjagers specialize in the visual translation of complex subjects into accessible stories and films. Do you also have a complex issue that you want to translate into normal human language? Call Pieter van Gent for advice.





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