Corporate Story

A corporate story tells the story of an organization. Where have you come from, who are you, where are you going? These are typical questions that are answered by a good corporate story. Moreover: what is the WHY behind the organization’s founding and its present existence?

PastFuture believes that companies and organizations are more successful if they tell their corporate story. Not just to clients, suppliers, and employees (both former and present ones), but also to the interested public on Facebook, Twitter, or even to the citizens of the city where the company is located. In our experience, the corporate story is an intrinsic – and important – part of marketing and positioning.

The Corporate Story as Central Focus

The corporate story as point of departure for business operations – that’s nothing new under the sun. Almost every entrepreneur starting a company will do so from their own personal convictions and motivations. This means that his or her story is often automatically the corporate story, as well. However, over the years, as a company grows older it often becomes much larger, with a hundred or maybe thousands of employees. This means that there is often a chance that the corporate story will become (partly) forgotten, or diluted. At that point, it is important to ensure that the story is brought to the surface again, or that its original strength and power is re-discovered.

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