Business History

Business history concerns everyone: from the Board of Directors down to the newest employee. Business history connects employees, supports and strengthens company pride, and can be instrumental in creating future scenarios.

The ways in which business history can be deployed have never been so varied. Research into business history can serve as the basis for a weighty, three-volume compilation (Shell) of historical importance. It can also result in a light-hearted advertising campaign with sturdy, cheerful men cutting ice from the Amsterdam canals to keep their beer cold around 100 years ago (Grolsch). For all types of ideas, the company history is the unmistakable source of supporting information, fact-finding, and inspiration. It goes without saying that the applicable rules are totally different for each situation. The remit for an assignment can range from ‘as objective as possible’ to ‘as entertainingly informative as possible’.


PastFuture skillfully uses all these various forms of presenting business history. Objective scientific-historical research is in safe hands with us. But we are just as much at home with a search for the most powerful descriptive expression of a company’s past, in order to promote the present and future success of a brand and its enterprise. For every type of assignment, the client’s wishes play a central role. This is why every company history project begins with an exploratory talk. 


PastFuture unifies content and design in a single company. In this way we can best guide our clients throughout the intensive and extraordinarily fascinating project. We work directly with our clients, from the very first exploratory talk and the first general concepts, up to the completed results. There are no intermediary account managers or constantly changing project managers. It’s just the creators of the product, working directly with and for you. We provide a single team for the whole project, dedicated to realizing the best possible product in mutual cooperation. This is PastFuture’s definition of a business history project.

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