Story scan

The marketing and branding of your company are vitally important factors for your success. They are much too important to allow them to fall victim to all kinds of made-up stories. With the StoryScan conducted by PastFuture, you receive brand and identity advice based on the true story of your company.

Companies sometimes spend a lot of money on building up a brand, or on hiring someone to ‘concoct’ an identity for the company. In our opinion, that is not necessary. There are few companies or organizations without their own stories about their past, which are, by definition, authentic ones. Stories, for instance, about the founding of the company, about brave decisions in difficult times, or far-reaching changes of direction. Are you curious about your own, unique story? Just try the StoryScan.

The Power of Your Own Story

PastFuture investigates your company, searching for the power of your own story. We analyze your company’s past, speak with someone within your company about the identity of the enterprise, and then present our findings. Which story elements have remained unexplored? Are you using your story in the most optimal way? Are there treasures hidden in the past which are lying about unused? Based on these findings, PastFuture presents a proposal for adjustments, improvements, or a new start, based on the (rediscovered) story. PastFuture helps the company to take the first steps to a fully integrated identity. Not a totally new one, but one that is solidly based on your own, unique story.

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