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The German company Bosch is a giant in its field. It is characterized by uncountable technological innovations, and has more than 300,000 employees. Its company history is a remarkable one, made even more so by its charismatic and well-loved founder, Robert Bosch (1861-1942).

Bosch Nederland was seeking an improved position in the market, as an employer for highly educated, ambitious technical staff. PastFuture offered to do a StoryScan of the company history, in order to find story elements that would provide an improved employer branding for Bosch in the Netherlands. We immersed ourselves in the company history of Bosch, and based on this research, we presented three concepts which were in part based on the company’s past. Below are a number of examples of History Marketing in which the past history of the Bosch brand plays a larger role in the company’s present. 

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