Our Present


PastFuture is a communication and design agency that strives to inspire companies and organisations by encouraging them to see their own past as an infinite source of stories that can support and promote their brand and identity. 

Founding of the Agency

PastFuture was founded in February 2013 in Museum De Pont in Tilburg. Museum De Pont is located in an old wool spinnery, which recalls the golden age of the Brabant textile industry. The museum is an excellent example of how a site linked to industrial heritage can be transformed into a location that is new and relevant for the present, while preserving the spirit of the original building.


PastFuture is a partnership between Pieter van Gent and Inne van Ussel. Together they form the Management Team as well as the creative team of the agency. Although their fields of expertise differ, they are united in their conceptual skills and vision for the agency. They share the firm conviction that a re-evaluation of the importance of the past can lead to an incredibly rich source of authenticity. And authenticity is an important value that has been a much-discussed issue in the marketing and communication industry in recent years.

Working Together

We work together with kindred spirits, people who share our vision – each working from their own areas of expertise. These include colleagues from the fields of history and design, but also photographers, website builders, and coaches/trainers.

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