125 years of Keyser & Mackay

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Company history as the radiant center point of the 125th anniversary of the company Keyser & Mackay: this is how you can best describe the presentation of the anniversary book "Shining in the shadows". The first copies of the jubilee book were presented in the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam in the presence of 350 guests from all over the world.

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Keyser & Mackay is a distributor of raw materials for manufacturers of paints, plastics and adhesives. In 125 years the company has built up an excellent reputation among principals and customers. Herein it is a sales organization with a good understanding of things. If they do well, the sellers of Keyser & Mackay are identified with the principal who made them. Hence the title "Shining in the shadows": do your very best, but always remain modest, because it is not about the seller but the product of the customer.

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Succes story since 1894

The success story of Keyser & Mackay starts in 1894 when Pierre Regnault sets up a modest trade in paint supplies in Amsterdam. Regnault would later become best known for his renowned art collection of avant-garde artists such as Chagall, Zadkine and Picasso. In 1921 his company was taken over by Jan Keyser and Anton Mackay, the name givers of the current office. The company becomes big with the representation of Zinkwit from Eijsden. At that time, zinc white is the pigment for white paint. After the Second World War, the company grew into the renowned sales organization that it still is today. Never drawing attention to itself, but a powerful force in the rapidly changing world of chemistry.

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Richly illustrated history

This and much more can be found in Keyser & Mackay's jubilee book. The anniversary book is classically structured with chronology as the common thread, interspersed with interviews with employees and customers. In addition, space has been reserved for a number of raw materials that Keyser & Mackay sold and in many cases often also sold. The company history is richly illustrated with a lot of original material, including correspondence, sales booklets and contracts. The front of the book shows the building at Leidsegracht 19 where Keyser & Mackay has been based since 1926. The building is printed in white foil on a slightly greenish surface and finished with gold foil. A cover that fits the company: first name, not too flashy. Indeed, shining in the shades.

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