With a visual identity, your company sets itself apart from other companies. The visual identity is the look and feel of your company. It’s your way of presenting yourself: on the website, on proposals and tenders, and on invoices and other commercial communication. PastFuture creates the visual identity that perfectly fits your company.

The visual identity of a company or organization consists of numerous specific forms of visual communication. These include your house style, logo, advertising posters, and websites. In fact, everything that needs a design is part of your visual identity. The colors, forms and even architecture can be harmonised within the rules of your own specific visual identity of your company.

The Identity of a Company

Visual identity is much more than form. It is the visible expression of the story of a company, the corporate story. Between form and content, an important exchange is going on. The content influences the form, and to the same extent the form influences the content. It is a balance, and only the best designers are able to optimally balance these two elements. For PastFuture, this balance is crucial for every visual identity that we ‘create’. Or, perhaps better said, we ‘find’ a visual identity. It is put together out of an endless number of factors that are present in a company. PastFuture adds the last ingredient to the mix: the creative factor.

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