Climb to Freedom

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Educational Website

The urge to be free turns ordinary people into brave heroes. During World War II, hundreds of Dutch people undertook the extremely dangerous journey southward through occupied territory. They had only one goal: freedom. 

The site tells the stories of the survivors of these journeys. These travellers on the ‘Southern Route to England’ made their way on foot through occupied Belgium and France, to the foot of the Pyrenees. There they braved the treacherous climb through rugged mountainous terrain until they reached freedom in Spain or Portugal. From there they sailed to England to join the allies in fighting against the occupiers of their homeland.

Inne van Ussel created the concept and design for this educational website, which was nominated for the ‘History On-line’ Prize in 2010. The site is an homage to a group of remarkable people, of whom only a few are still alive today.

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